Instructions for the preparation of contributions

The editors of the Časopis Matice moravské ask its authors to respect the following principles when contributing manuscripts:

Please send your contributions (articles, material studies, discussions and polemical texts, reviews, annotations and chronicle reports) to the e-mail address Submit them in electronic format only, as DOC (DOCX) or RTF. When writing, use the editor’s standard settings without any special formatting, do not offset the start of paragraphs with the tab button and do not use hyphenation. Please always submit annexes separately – maps, graphs, tables and any graphical material – and agree in advance with the editors how they will be used. Copyright to any graphical appendices is arranged by the author, who should always attach to graphical appendices captions giving authorship and source information.
Each article should have attached a foreign language résumé with a maximum length of a single standard page (1.800 characters, including spaces), as well as an abstract (max. 600 characters) and keywords in English (max. 5–6), or alternatively, material in Czech for translation into the foreign language.

The length of a single article, including comments, should not exceed 35 standard pages (a maximum of 70.000 printed characters), that of a review 6 standard pages (10.000 printed characters) and annotations 2 standard pages (3.600 printed characters).

References to sources or literature and any explanatory notes should be included in the form of footnotes marked with an index number. For dedications use an asterisk against the title or sub-title. The index number should always be written after the final punctuation mark.

In text, numbers from one to nine should be written out, double- and multiple-digit numbers should be written as digits. Use the quotation marks appropriate to the language chosen (in Czech „“, in English “”). For chronological data, with the exception of the timing of sources in notes, please write out the names of months. Quotations should be indicated by the use of italic and quotation marks and any comments or omissions should be written inside these using square brackets ([Přemysl Otakar II.]; […]).

In the heading of reviews and annotations always give the author(s) of the publication, title, place of publication, publisher and year of publication, number of pages and ISBN.
The editors reserve the right to make editorial and language changes to the text. Contributions to Studies and Analyses, Materials and Discussions are subject to anonymous peer review (see


In notes use the following abbreviations:
page, pages – p., pp.
signature – sg.
inventory number – Inv. No.
folio – f.
recto – r
verso – v
editor – ed.
editors – edd.


Bibliographical references in notes should be given as follows, including the punctuation stated. On first occurrence always give the first name of the author or editor in full. Use small capitals for surnames (keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+K):


Žemlička, Josef: Čechy v době knížecí (1034–1198). Praha 1997, p. 107.
Válka, Josef: Myšlení a obraz v dějinách kultury. Studie, eseje, reflexe. Edd. J. Kroupa a T. Knoz. Brno 2009.
Macek, Josef: Jagellonský věk v českých zemích (1471–1526) I. Hospodářská základna a královská moc. Praha 1992.
Šmahel, František: Počátky pražského obecného učení. Kritické reflexe k jubileu jednoho „národního monumentu“. Český časopis historický 96, 1998, pp. 253–291.
Cerman, Markus – Knittler, Herbert: Town and Country in the Austrian and Czech Lands. In: Epstein, Steven R. (ed.): Town and Country in Europe, 1300–1800. Cambridge 2001, pp. 176–201.
Kordiovský, Emil: Periodika jihomoravských archivů. In: idem – Kubíček, Jaromír: Kulturní periodika na Moravě. Brno – Mikulov 1996 (= XXIV. Mikulovské sympozium 1996), pp. 53–59.

Shortened citation when repeating a reference to a text:
Šmahel, F.: Počátky pražského obecného učení, p. 260.

Shortened citation when immediately repeating a reference to an author:
Idem: Husitská revoluce III. Kronika válečných let. Praha 1996.

Shortened citation when immediately repeating a reference to a text:
Ibidem, pp. 85–86.

(If it is pertinent to include the serial number of a publication, indicate this using a numerical superscript attached to the year of publication).

Published Sources

In citations of published sources give first the title of the edition and in brackets the acronym which will be used thereafter in the notes:

Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris regni Bohemiae (= CDB) V/2. Inde ab a. MCCLXVII ad a. MCCLXXVIII. Edd. J. Šebánek et S. Dušková. Pragae 1981, pp. 181–182, No. 591.

Shortened citation when repeating a reference:
CDB V/2, p. 182, No. 592.

Places of publication should always be given in their original form: Pragae, Wien, not Prague, Vienna; separate them from each other with a dash (London – New York). If the place of publication is not known, use the abbreviation s.l., if the date is not given, then the abbreviation s.d.

Archival Sources

When referring to an archival source, give the individual items in order from the general to the particular: official name of the archive, symbol and name of the archival fund (collection), then as a rule, the box or book number, inventory number, signature, name or description of the document and the sheet or page.

Moravský zemský archiv v Brně, G 83 Matice moravská Brno, box 59, Inv. No. 188, so-called guild-cartulary 1581–1589, f. 62r.

Shortened citation when repeating a reference:
MZA v Brně, G 83, box 59, Inv. No. 188, so-called guild-cartulary 1581–1589, f. 62r.

Internet sources

In the case of internet sources give the official web address (written in the upper blue strip of the browser; in the case of a journal study published in this way, use a traditional bibliographical reference) and add to it the exact address and the date of the citation.

Březová nad Svitavou – oficiální stránky města. Historie města [online]. Available at: [cit. 20. 1. 2015].

We thank all our contributors for respecting these instructions, which greatly simplify editorial work.

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